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Smart TV Box Fighting Game

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Smart TV Box Fighting Game : A FIGHTING GAME FOR EVERYONE!   

Smart TV Box Fighting Game is an exciting and challenging 3D Open World action fighting game specially designed to be a fully-featured fighting game playable on Mobile and Android TV

- Beautifully designed 3D Open Worlds featuring AI Driven intelligent and challenging enemies at every level.

- Explore colorful scenery and realistic high quality combat animations that can rival console games. 

- The better you play, the more powerful you become. Kick harder & collection various items for more powerful punches and sword attacks.

- Explore an ever-growing collection of colorful and distinctive characters and enemies. 

- Smart TV Box Fighting Game APK for Android is available for free download.

- Destroy your enemies by using a wide variety of punches and kicks.

- No Gamepad Required / Play With TV Remote. 


Smart TV Box Fighting Game is a game that you'd want to play again & again! Defend the various Open World 3D virtual locations under attack by various ancient alien creatures. Make use of Special Magic Weapons in order to defeat maximum amount of strong enemies. No other smart tv game offer this amount of simple control along such deep and complex fighting experience, realistic movements and quick combo gameplay.


In addition to different fight styles and combos, a wide range of characters, enemies, magical weapons and fighting techniques make each level unique on it's own.

Play this new adventure fighting game on various Android devices: Mobile phones, Tablets,  Android TV Box, Smart TVs and Smart TV Box.

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